Concerned about cost or how hearing aids will look?

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Facts & Myths about hearing loss and hearing aids

There are quite a few myths about hearing aids.

Some people think that aids are big and beige, only elderly people have hearing loss, hearing aids squeak in your ear or nobody will notice my hearing loss.

This might be how it was years ago but things have changed. Within the last couple of years there has been a rapid development within the technology to help people with a hearing loss.

Watch the video to get a few facts about the myths of hearing loss and hearing aids.

Noticed signs of hearing loss in a loved one

Have you noticed the signs of early hearing loss in a loved one? Do you find they say people mumble or they don’t talk properly? Friends and family are often the first to notice and it can put a lot of pressure on your relationship. We have put together an information pack to help you start the conversation with them.

Take the next steps to improve your hearing loss
Coming to terms with the fact that you or a family member might be experiencing a loss of hearing can be difficult, but that doesn't mean that finding the right solution should be. At bonavox, we meet people with hearing loss every day, and it's through listening to them speak about their daily life and interests, as well as the challenges they face, that we can help bring them closer to the lifestyle they used to enjoy. 

As your local hearing specialist, at bonavox we will help you understand your hearing loss and involve you in the process from the beginning. We know that for most people they are concerned about how hearing aids will look and how much they will cost. bonavox hearing aids are more stylish and discreet than they have ever been with the very best in smart technology from Widex and bonavox. What's more, cost isn't determined by hearing aid size but by the level of technology.

With free hearing health assessments offered within your nearest branch or an at-home visit, we offer with and without grant price options to suit your needs and lifestyle so you don't need to compromise on your hearing. Our expert Hearing Aid Audiologists will find the best solution for your hearing loss so you can find hearing freedom and fall in love with life once again.