Looking after your ears and hearing

We can help you look after your ears whether or not you wear hearing aids. Healthy ears make a difference to how well you hear.

TALK TO US even if you are not an existing customer of Bonavox. Our Community Care approach to providing free access to hearing healthcare means we welcome all enquiries.

In addition to our Dublin centres we have day clinics throughout Ireland and also provide home appointments free of charge.

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Free Hearing Test

Get in touch with us to book your free hearing test either at home or at one of our local branches.

Protect your hearing

We live in a noisy world. We are exposed to all kinds of sounds at work and leisure, as well as the sounds of traffic, all contribute to the noise around us.

Continuous and repeated exposure to loud noise will harm your hearing. To take care of your hearing you should:

  1. Avoid excessive noise
  2. Be aware of the potential sources of noise
  3. "Listen" to your ears
  4. Wear hearing protection