Get more from wireless accessories - delivering sound directly into your hearing aids

Is your TV turned up too loud?

Do other family members need to wear ear protection when you are watching TV?!

There is no need for that any more with Widex TV Dex.

You get wireless high quality sound directly into your hearing aids without echoes, in stereo - and with no delay in sound.

You can choose to turn off any background noise in the room and enjoy the sound of your TV exclusively, without being disturbed.

Can't hear others on the phone?

Have you found it a challenge lately to hear your children on the phone, or chatting to a friend?

It doesn't have to be like that.

Enjoy sound from your landline phone directly into your hearing aids and experience crystal clear sound.

The phone also works as a conventional phone for family and friends to use.

Marilyn on the phone again

Hear Marilyn describing how she once again could hear her son and daughter on the phone.

Have you given up talking on your mobile when you are out and about?

How would you like to turn your hearing aids into a wireless headset when talking on your mobile?

Let us demonstrate how sound is transferred from your mobile phone directly into your hearing aids.

In effect, you turn your hearing aids into a wireless headset via Bluetooth.

Turn any background noise off  whenever you like. Concentrate on your phone conversation with no disturbing noise around you.

Use your hearing aids for talking hands-free on your mobile phone

You can keep your mobile phone in your pocket while talking on the phone - hands-free.

Experience pure crystal clear sound directly into your hearing aids.

You place the unit around your neck and activate it when the phone rings.

The device is a wireless neck loop to be used with all hearing aids with a telecoil.

Turning the conversation up and down

When chatting to a friend in a noisy place you can use your remote control to turn of the background noise.

You can then focus on the conversation, adjusting the volume or other programs for your hearing aids.

In this way you choose which sounds you want to hear and the ones you want to shut out.

It is small enough to fit on a key chain or to keep in your pocket - with nobody noticing.

Streaming sound into hearing aids at conferences, meetings - even in the classroom

It can be a challenge to hear a speaker, a lecturer or somebody presenting in a meeting - especially when there are quite a few other people attending as well.

You can get the sound directly into your hearing aids receiving FM signals with its wide bandwidth and streaming, for example music.

It can be used as a telecoil at concerts, church, meetings, conferences and in the classroom.

It can be worn as a neck loop or attached by the clip.

Avoid the stress of listening - ask for a demonstration.

Easy sound streaming by plug and play

You will be able to stream sound from:

  • Mobile phones - being able to talk hands-free.

  • iPod - enjoying music directly in your aids.

  • i-Pads - receiving sound directly into your hearing aids.

  • Keyboard - listening to yourself playing getting the crystal clear sound directly into your aids.

  • Computer - listening to YouTube videos, Skypeing with friends or business colleagues, direct through your aids.