Experience a full day of superior sound quality and streaming without ever worrying about running out of battery life. Never spend time again changing batteries with the new BEYOND Z rechargeable hearing aid.

Sometimes taking the first step to understand if there's been a change in how well you're hearing can feel daunting. To help make those first steps a little bit easier, we put together a quick online hearing test. Take the test today to find out how well you are hearing in less than 5 minutes. 

Suffering from blocked ears? Struggling to hear the TV? Sometimes it could just be ear wax and we can help you with our ear wax removal service. We all need ear wax to keep our ears healthy but, when it builds up, the wax can prevent sound from reaching your ear drum. Call us on 1800 480 480 to book your appointment. 

Make sure you don't run out of batteries with our special offer. Made for bonavox hearing aid batteries by Rayovac : €2 per card or €15 for a box of 10 cards. Offer available in online and in store. €5 delivery fee when buying online. 


Bill Hennesy had a vision to create a truly Irish company with the highest of standards, where hearing aids could be repaired on site while you wait, reducing the normal wait times of up to 2 weeks with aids sent to the UK or manufacturers. We have grown a business founded on offering the best aftercare with highly experienced staff. With a loyal team that have been with the company a long time you always get a warm welcome, friendly service and the best in hearing care. 

From the lady in Donegal who takes a 3 hour bus journey to visit us, to the customers down the road and across Ireland we thank you all! Download a copy of our special edition newsletter to find out more about our journey so far.


Tinnitus is not a disease, but a symptom arising from a range of underlying causes. It is one of the most common conditions that people experience – approximately 1 in 10 UK adults will have persistent tinnitus. Tinnitus is often described as ringing in the ears, buzzing or humming noises but it can be experienced differently from person to person. 

The Widex Zen Tinnitus Management app is a comprehensive tinnitus management program packed full of information and resources to help you manage your tinnitus. It consists of four components that can be tailored to your individually needs including counselling which, helps individuals change the negative interpretation of tinnitus.
I am writing this to tell you how grateful I am for the hearing aids. I did not realise how deaf I was until I started wearing them. I would recommend people who have difficulty in hearing people on the phone, door bells, etc to get their hearing tested. bonavox are very understanding and helpful and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. 
Miss C, Dublin
Ciara, I just wanted to say thank you personally and bonavox for an improved life since I got my Widex hearing aids over four years ago. Thank you for your professional and courteous service. I know bonavox prides itself on personal service and in my experience you have been exceptional. 
Mr M, Co. Dublin
My Widex hearing aids have transformed my life both social and working. They are truly wonderful and are excellent in meetings, church, crowded areas, theatre and many, many other areas. Even my husband has remarked on the improvement in my hearing with these aids.
Mrs G, Co. Carlow