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The ear’s production of wax is completely normal and healthy, although the exact function is not yet fully understood, wax is believed to play a role in the cleanliness, hygiene and overall health of the ear.

For many people it goes unnoticed, and does not cause any complications, however, it is not uncommon for ear wax to build up and cause a blockage of the ear canal.

A blocked ear can be the result of many different ear and health related problems, but ear wax is a common problem, with over 4 million ears requiring wax removal in Ireland and UK yearly.

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At Bonavox we use a range of methods and tools during wax removal. Our specialised staff our hearing aid audiologists and health care assistants will choose which method suits you following a comprehensive health and medical review.

Each method will be fully explained before the process begins and all wax removal methods are performed in line with BSA (British Society of Audiology) and NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines.
How long does ear wax removal take?
Please allow up to 40 minutes per appointment. It is recommended that a hearing test is scheduled following wax removal, where the patient's hearing ability has been affected.
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How to prepare for your appointment
It is also a requirement that a wax softening product is used 3 to 5 days prior to wax removal, unless the presenting wax is already soft. You are entitled to a free hearing test and consultation with our hearing aid audiologist post wax removal.

Quote Code: BX WAX 02, to avail of your free hearing test.

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