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The first steps to managing tinnitus are getting access to extensive educational resources on tinnitus and learning about your triggers.

Counseling with an experienced hearing health care professional trained in managing tinnitus improves your chances of success in regaining your quality of life.
A common myth is that there's nothing you can do about tinnitus. The truth is, there are many therapies and products to help you manage the condition.

The 'Widex Zen, Tinnitus Management' app is packed full of information and resources to help you manage your tinnitus. Download it free from the app store!
If you suspect that you may be one of the many faces of tinnitus, your first step is to undergo a professional evaluation.

Get in touch with us and we will have one of our audiologists talk you through how you can manage tinnitus.


Hearing aids have been widely shown to help tinnitus sufferers better cope. By restoring your hearing with hearing aids, you can directly improve your tinnitus. But even if it doesn’t lower the tinnitus volume, hearing aids can still help you cope by amplifying other sounds that you want to hear. By turning up the volume of your surroundings, you are no longer forced to only hear your tinnitus.

Secondly, our hearing aids come with Widex Zen tinnitus masking features that can play amplified tones, white noise, music, or nature sounds directly into the ear to help your brain focus on a different sound and reduce the impact of tinnitus. Our Audiologists can run a series of tests to figure out the pitch and intensity of your tinnitus, and program your hearing aids accordingly. And when it seems quieter, it’s less bothersome and the brain can slowly learn to tune it out.

Want to find out if hearing aids can help your tinnitus? Book your free Tinnitus Assessment and ask your Audiologist for our 2 week free trial of hearing aids. 


Widex Zen Therapy is a comprehensive tinnitus management program. It consists of four components that can be tailored to your individually needs including counselling which, helps individuals change the negative interpretation of tinnitus. Amplification can be used to stimulate the ears and brain to reduce the contrast between the surrounding sounds and the tinnitus. Other components include relaxation and fractal tones which are designed to provide relaxation and may also be used as sound therapy tool. The Widex Zen - Tinnitus Management app can be used to avoid complete silence and so reducing your focus on the tinnitus. It can also be used for meditation and relaxation purposes. The app is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.