How well do you hear?

UK Charity, Action on Hearing Loss, reveals over 11 million people in the UK are affected by hearing loss, but don't realise because they don't know the signs. How do you know if you are one of them?

If you've noticed some of the signs of hearing loss, we can help. 
With innovative technology, hearing aids are becoming more discreet than ever.
With the support of loved ones, it is now even easier to take back control of your life with the help of our hearing aids.
About hearing loss
Hearing loss is often a gradual part of the natural ageing process but it can also occur at any age and be caused by various factors. Noise-induced hearing loss refers to hearing loss caused by environmental factors such as listening to loud music and using loud tools such as drills, mowers and even hoovers. Other factors that can induce hearing loss include illnesses, trauma and some types of medications.
Causes of hearing loss
Hearing loss is unfortunately a condition that increases as we age. It is caused by damage to the hair cells that are situated in the cochlea in the inner ear. There are many reasons as to how these hair cells get damaged. These reasons include: 

  • Exposure to harsh noise - in both volume and intensity
  • Genetics - sometimes there can be a hereditary reason due to genetic mutations
  • Blockages in between the inner and outer ear - these can prevent the sound waves from getting through to the inner ear 
  • A combination of all of the above
Recognising the signs of hearing loss
As hearing loss is a gradual process of ageing, it is important to understand what the indicators of hearing loss are. This way the signs can be noticed early and preventative measures such as hearing aids can be put into place for you to be able to tackle day to day activities with much more ease. 
What are the signs that indicate hearing loss? 
  • Sounds may seem loud, but not clear enough to distinguish
  • Quiet sounds such as birdsong or people talking in another room are harder to hear
  • Some voices are easier to hear than others
  • Talking in groups is getting harder and harder as you become less able to understand what is being said
  • When you are out and about at meetings, parties and restaurants you often have to ask people to repeat what they have just said
  • People seem to appear in the room but you haven't heard them enter
  • Being around traffic you just don't hear the bus or the car coming from behind
How does hearing help the brain?
Did you know - the brain is an important part of our hearing - it needs to interpret signals to make meaning of sound and needs to be fed with different signals to keep it in good shape.

Discover how we hear, how hearing and the brain are connected, and how important it is to keep exercising your hearing to maintain good hearing in our video.