How well do you hear?

Studies* have shown that 1 in 6 people are affected by hearing loss, but how do you know if you are one of them?

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Do you have difficulty hearing what is said when there is a lot of background noise?
Do you ask people to repeat themselves?
Do you find it hard to understand what people are saying on the phone?
Do you fail to to hear the doorbell sometimes?
Do you need to have the TV, or radio, turned up louder than other people?
Recognise the signs of hearing loss
Hearing loss is often a gradual process as part of natural ageing but it can also occur at any age and be caused by various factors. As many as 1 in 6 people are estimated to suffer from hearing loss. Being in noisy environments, listening to loud music and using loud tools such as drills, mowers and even hoovers can, overtime, lead to noise-induced hearing loss. Other factors that can cause hearing loss include illness-related hearing loss, trauma and some types of medications that have been linked to hearing loss.

*Study by UK Charity Action on Hearing Loss
What might cause a hearing loss
- Sounds may seem loud enough, but not clear
- Quiet sounds such as birdsong or people talking in another room are harder to hear now than they were before
- Some voices are easier to hear than others
- The TV never seems loud enough
- Talking in groups is getting harder and harder as you become less able to follow what is being said
- When you are out and about at meetings, parties and restaurants you often have to ask people to repeat what they have just said
- People seem to appear in the room but you haven't heard them enter
- Being around traffic you just don't hear the bus or the car coming from behind

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