How much do hearing aids cost?

We believe our service is unrivalled which is why our expertise, care, advice and continued support is important to us and you during your journey to better hearing. Our prices vary depending on different levels of functionality and according to your requirements.


bonavox hearing aid ranges

Our range of hearing aids offers something for all lifestyles to help improve your hearing loss. From our Classic and Plus designs for those looking for an essential everyday hearing solution providing comfort and ease of use, through to Advanced and Premium ranges for those looking for enhanced communication, performance, digital technology and streaming capabilities. 

All hearing aids are available singularly however we have priced for a pair due to almost 90% of hearing losses being best aided in this way. All ranges offer personalised customisation to suit you.

Bonavox also offers a price match promise - if you find the same hearing aid elsewhere cheaper we will match that price - guaranteed!
Our Classic range of hearing aids start from just €399 per pair including grant, €798 without grant.

They are designed for those with quieter lifestyles who want access to a device with technology that can be paired with the television or mobile phone.

With true to life sound that is clear and not distorted, the Classic range improves speech clarity in one on one conversations and small quiet groups. Ideal for those on a budget who have family and friends to visit, the range prioritises loudness and comfort and focuses on the speaker in front.
Our Plus range of hearing aids start from €999 per pair including grant, €1,998 without grant.

Building on the Classic range, they are great for people who socialise a few times a week.

Technology improves the ease of hearing speech in small groups and mildly noisy environments such as book clubs, at church and when visiting friends at their house. The device prioritises loudness comfort, in noisy and challenging listening environments.
Our Advanced range of hearing aids start from €1,598 per pair with grant, €2,598 without grant.

They are for active lifestyles with frequent communication needs in noisy environments, prioritising improvement of speech whilst maintaining comfort in noisy and challenging environments.

Maintaining rich, smooth sound in noisy environments such as family gatherings, small restaurants, at the bowls club and when attending lectures. The Advanced range enhances hearing on the phone with the voice present in both ears, no matter which ear you hold the phone to.
Our Premium range of hearing aids start from only €1,998 per pair with grant, €2,998 without grant.

Carefully designed for enhanced communication in the most challenging and dynamic environments. The Premium range maintains rich and natural sound quality, even in the most difficult sound environments such as large busy restaurants, open workplaces, live concerts and football matches.

The Premium range features the most advanced technology that automatically analyses and detects the environment to optimise the hearing aid settings for enhanced speech and listener comfort. 

What does the price include?

Our team of hearing experts pride themselves on the expertise they can offer you combined with excellent customer service. With a wide range of hearing aid styles and technologies to suit your lifestyle and requirements, our service to you includes: 

  • Free Hearing Assessment
  • Four Year Warranty 
  • Free Aftercare 
  • Free Servicing & Repairs 
  • Free Home Visits 
Here at bonavox, we have our price promise to all of our customers. If you find our hearing aids cheaper elsewhere then we will match it - guaranteed!  
With bonavox there’s no need to wait for better hearing. We stock a wide range of hearing aids that are available to be fitted as soon as you’ve had your hearing tested.

To ensure we have found the right hearing solution for you, our no-obligation two-week free trial* gives you the opportunity to experience better hearing for yourself.
We are so confident that you’ll be happy with our hearing solutions and services that we give you a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee.
To ensure the lifespan of your hearing aids, we provide free aftercare** for the life of your hearing aids. We’ll make sure they are working properly with free cleaning, servicing and check-ups, as well as routinely reassessing your hearing and adjusting the hearing aids accordingly.
Get four years peace of mind for your hearing aids  at no extra charge!
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did for my hearing. I am just over the moon with my hearing - I never imagined it would be this good. I know I don't even have my HA for 24 hours yet but I have not one complaint it's just perfect. 
Mr F. bret

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*Two-week free trial available on most styles and fittings **Free Aftercare for the life of your hearing aid.