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Free hearing info pack

Can't talk about hearing loss with your loved one?

We know how hard it can be to help someone you care about – be it family or friend – come to terms with their hearing difficulties. After all, we help people understand and solve their hearing problems every day.

So the best thing you can do - for both of you - is to download our 10 way the start talking about hearing loss and speak to a bloom hearing specialist. 

We will help your friend or relative understand their hearing loss. Our simple approach - involving our customers in creating their solution - can lead to better hearing. We also introduce them to the available technology and keep them involved and in control. 

If you just want to find out more, or you’re interested in bringing someone you care about in for a talk. Call us or book an appointment online.
When Reina's husband got hearing aids

Reina: "TURN THE TV DOWN", Reina's husband "IT'S NOT TOO LOUD".

Reina's husband wouldn't face his hearing problem, and when he finally got his first aids he wasn't happy with them. He felt they didn't help him.

When his audiologist suggested he tried Widex hearing aids, he grudgingly agreed. And as Reina says, “Once he put them in his ears he hasn’t taken them out!”

It made a huge difference to both their lives.