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Bonavox range of hearing care includes...

  • The hearing assessment: You can take an online screening test here. The full hearing check is also free. It determines the level of hearing loss present.

    There is no obligation to buy hearing aids, but suitable solutions may be offered if the loss is treatable.

  • The Home Visit: As above - but also free with no call-out charge.

  • Managing blocked ears: Bonavox can check for excess wax - free of charge - and suggest low-cost remedies.

  • Managing tinnitus: Whilst there may be no instant cure for your tinnitus, we can advise on ways to reduce its effect, with an initial free consultation.

  • Hearing aid trials: Wear hearing aids for two weeks to prove how much they improve your day-to-day life in your normal situations.

    After the trial period you can decide to buy, or simply hand them back - no questions asked.

  • Servicing: If you already wear hearing aids, get them checked for performance, combined with a clean and service. All free of charge.

    You don't have to have bought from us in the first place. (Our repairs service offers good value for money. You may also be eligible for and extended warranty.) 
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