Why does my hearing aid battery suddenly last a shorter time?

In most of the cases, the reasons for a short running time are not necessarily production faults, but rather:
  • Environmental influences (e.g. humidity, temperature).
  • Personal hearing habits have changed (longer period of use per day, higher noise level, new features of the hearing aid are being used).
  • The hearing aid was in use longer than usual (e.g. night at the theater).
  • The hearing aid is new, or the type or brand of the hearing aid has changed.
  • The new hearing aid has additional features that require more energy.
Improper handling can also reduce the running time of the hearing aid battery, e.g.:
  • The battery tab is removed and activation period as too short. It has to be 2 minutes or more before it is inserted into the hearing aid.
  • The hearing aid is not switched off over night or after a long period of non-use.
  • The battery loses capacity due to a short circuit when mishandled (e.g. through contact with metal objects).
  • The battery is stored in a warm environment (e.g. in parked car in the sun).