Hannah Diryavska's Story

Sometimes all we need is an encouraging nudge from a loved one to start us on our hearing journey. 

It was Hannah’s granddaughter Sofiya, who decided to contact Jordi and Olha to enquire about what they could do for her grandmother’s hearing.

Hannah Diryavska, was born in Lviv and as a young child had moved to Zaporizhzhia, where she had lived until Russia started invading Ukraine. As much as she would have loved to stay, Hannah made the very difficult decision to flee due to the close proximity of her home town to Dnipro, which is currently being shelled almost every day.

She had to leave everything behind and decided to move to Shannon, where she is currently living with her daughter Nina and granddaughter Sofiya. Having her family around to support and help as much as possible is more than anyone could ask for, despite all the uncertainty of moving to another country.

Upon working his audiology magic, Jordi concluded she had moderate to profound hearing loss and just after a couple of months was able to revisit for a fitting! They managed to fit Hannah with pair of Mini BTE hearing aids donated very kindly by Bloom Hearing Specialists.

Yet despite all that, Jordi states:

The funniest moment after fitting the hearing aids was when she switched on the TV for the first time, as she could finally watch it at a reasonable 'comfortable' volume, rather than blasting the room down. We all had a good laugh.



A message from Jordi & Olha
Like we have done when we have been contacted in the past, we won’t be able to stop this invasion and all the atrocities caused by Russia, but we feel blessed when we can help another person that has been through (and still is going through) some very scary moments, to be able hear again and even if it’s just for few a minutes to help them forget about all the horrible things that are happening to their country.


If you or a family member know any Ukrainian refugee suffering from hearing loss in Ireland, get in contact with us, either by calling 0858 754 866 or email jordi.cornado@bonavox.ie

We can offer Ukrainian refugees with free hearing assessments, free advice and a free hearing check. All appointments can be done in person, depending on location these can be done in-situ and all in Ukrainian.

Learn more about Jordi and Olha's mission to provide vital hearing care and advice for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Ireland!

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