Tinnitus can be helped. 

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What is tinnitus?
Tinnitus is ringing in the ears, buzzing or humming noises. It can be different from person to person.

It can be very difficult to concentrate. It can keep you from sleeping well at night leaving you exhausted the next day.

Tinnitus can affect us all
In reality, 10% of adults have tinnitus to one degree or another.

Around 250 million people worldwide suffer, whilst many people with hearing loss experience tinnitus at some stage.

Using sight and reading as a comparison, it's the equivalent to reading a newspaper through opaque polythene.

You can read the words but not as clearly. Tinnitus can mask sound in a similar way.

Experts in managing the effects of tinnitus

At Bonavox, we are expert hearing specialists with a unique methodology.

Widex Zen Therapy is a proven method that combines counselling, sound stimulation, stress reduction and amplification.

Bonavox consider all the factors involved in your tinnitus and adjust your treatment accordingly. 

How will tinnitus relief effect your daily life?
I will improve your quality of life and help you relax from the tinnitus. You will be able to sleep better, have conversations, read and watch TV with less effort releasing the stress that tinnitus can cause.

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Bonavox offer a free counseling session with no obligation to purchase - so come in and hear how we can help. 

We help you to build an understanding of hearing loss - without the jargon - and explain the solutions that are available.

Bonavox involve you from the beginning. 

Help and advice on managing your tinnitus
Download our free flyer that includes information about the causes of tinnitus, ways to manage it and a selection of exercises to help you relax.