Protect your hearing

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Threats to our hearing by exposure to loud noise are all around us - even using some home appliances.

Check their decibel levels before you buy. Use our free guide to understand what are safe limits.

Diet, medication, smoking, misuse of music devices, are some of the considerations we need to understand to protect ourselves.

If you feel your hearing has been affected - for whatever reason - request a free consultation with a Bonavox hearing specialist.

See how you can protect your ears against noise in your everyday life.

Even some vacuum cleaners can operate at harmful levels...request a free guide on avoiding damage to your hearing in the home.
Listening to music and looking after your ears at the same time is possible.

See how you can enjoy music and protect your hearing in our free guide, downloadable here.

Looking after your hearing

Your hearing is a precious gift. You only have two ears and it is important to take good care of them.

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Different levels of hearing loss

Understand what it is like to have difficulty in hearing.

The video opposite tells you in simple, graphic terms what it is to have hearing loss and the different types - different for us all.

It explains reasons why we need a full hearing assessment (free with Bonavox) to provide a prescription for the perfect solution.

You can use the link below to request an appointment, or call the above number.

The hearing test diagnoses your hearing for any loss present, followed by options you may wish to choose - but with no obligation to make a purchase.

This also applies if you request a two-week free trial.