Starkey hearing aids

Made for iPhone, Starkey hearing aids can be set up to connect direct to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch via the Starkey TruLink app.

You can stream phone calls, music and other media, from your iPhone to your hearing aids.

This delivers a pristine sound and exceptional clarity, eliminating buzzing and whistling so that you hear comfortably in noise.

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Z Series wireless hearing aids

Starkey Z series for wireless hearing aid connectivity

Z Series is the newest range of wireless products from Starkey that feature next generation 900sync™ hearing aid technology.

This leads the way in performance, comfort, personalisation and connectivity.


Starkey Z hearing aid prices

Z  i30: £1,395 for one; £2,395 for two
Z  i90: £2,195 for one; £3,645 for two
Z i110: £2,545 for one; £4,195 for two 
Muse advanced technology

Muse hearing aid technology delivers a truly individual hearing solution

For supreme sound quality and premium features, Muse is Starkey's most advanced technology.

Muse can be customised to fit your individual hearing needs and enhance your listening experience in a way that suits you best.


Starkey Muse prices

Muse i1600: £1,845 for one; £3,195 for two
Muse i2000: £2,195 for one; £3,645 for two
Muse i2400: £2,545 for one; £4,195 for two
Halo - made for iPhone

Halo nhearing aids by Starkey - made for iPhone

Halo feature the easy-to-use TruLink™ Hearing Control app - to work with the whole iPhone range.

Stream phone calls, music and more, directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids. Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.

IMPROVE PHONE CALLS and other media.

Starkey Halo prices

Halo 2 i1600:  £1,845 for one; £3,195 for two
Halo 2 i2000:  £2,195 for one; £3,645 for two
Halo 2 i2400: £2,545 for one; £4,195 for two

Address hearing loss sooner...

The earlier you start wearing hearing aids, the sooner you'll notice benefits and reduce problems later on.

Your ability to communicate naturally and effectively can be adversely affected if you no longer hear everything around you as well as you used to.

In some cases the severity of hearing loss can be linked to the liklihood of developing dementia as we get older.

And apparently, untreated hearing loss can lead to up to 40% greater decline in thinking ability. Compared with those without a loss.

Listen to the video for further good advice...and some hope.

And now for the good news...

Over time, reduced stimulation to your ears and brain can actually impair the brain's ability to process sound and recognise speech.

But you can turn a potential negative into a real positive if you listen to the video here...

Like many hearing aid companies, Starkey strive to bring restored hearing to as many as people as possble. Worldwide.

In the words of the founder, "the Starkey Hearing Foundation conducts hearing missions around the globe to bring the gift of hearing to those who would otherwise live in the isolation of a silent world".

Spreading a wider understanding of how best to cope with partial deafness is shared by your bloom hearing specialist.