Are you still searching for good quality digital hearing aids at competitive prices? Look no further than our Widex DAILY range, exclusive to bonavox. The Widex DAILY comes with a full range of free servicing and lifetime aftercare.


With prices starting from as little as €895, the DAILY 50 is amazing value for money. It offers great performance for everyday use and is available in a range of fittings including the almost invisible CIC. If you like the sound of the WIDEX DEX smart accessories (see opposite) then the DAILY 100 is fully compatible and starts from only €2,395. 

If you have hearing loss in only one ear, you may only need to wear a hearing aid in your bad ear. However, wearing two hearing aids has been proven to improve speech understanding in noise, localization (finding the source of sounds), and overall sound quality when compared to wearing only one aid.  
Not only does DAILY 100 perform well, it is discreet, available in a wide range of colours and fittings, and has additional scope when combined with the Widex DEX system. DEX is the brand name for a range of accessories you can add on for a more versatile hearing solution. The TV DEX is just one example. It sends TV sound direct to your hearing aids. With the DAILY 100 technology is available for mobile phones and other everyday media.


DAILY 100€ 1,295€ 2,395
DAILY 50€ 895€ 1,795
DAILY 30€ 545€ 995


Discover DAILY for yourself with a free two-week trial. There is no obligation and it is a great opportunity to experience better hearing for yourself.  What better way to find out how well DAILY can help you than with a free demonstration? You local bonavox hearing specialist can arrange this and they can even come to you to carry out the free hearing assessment in the comfort of your own home. 

Get in touch with us for a two week free trial of DAILY (with no obligation to buy) and discover what the hype is all about. After all, with so much to gain- and with absolutely nothing to lose- shouldn't you at least experience exceptional hearing for 2 weeks?