bonavox hearing aids

Introducing the new bonavox own brand of hearing aids. Experience clearer hearing for yourself with our free two-week trial.

bonavox hearing aids
The bonavox own brand of hearing aids have been cleverly designed with technology that can adapt automatically to any listening situation you’re in, whether that's when you are out and about in bustling noise, relaxing at home or when in conversation. Our hearing aids also filter out unwanted quiet noises and are compatible with our smart accessories so you can wirelessly stream sound from your TV or phone directly to your hearing aids.

All hearing aids are available singularly however we have priced for a pair due to almost 90% of hearing losses being best aided in this way. All ranges offer personalised customisation to suit you.
bonavox life €399 per pair including grant €798 without grant.

bonavox life, is an affordable, value for money hearing solution that offers great performance for everyday use and clear sound.

Improve your hearing loss and get back to the lifestyle you enjoy, whether alone or with friends, and hear more clearly. 

bonavox focus €799 per pair including grant, €1,598 without grant. 

bonavox focus is a functional every day hearing aid offering clear sound.

With the added ability to pair with lifestyle accessories including WIDEX TV-DEX, which streams TV sound directly to your hearing aids and WIDEX RC-DEX, which enables wireless sound control through your hearing aids.

bonavox connection €999 per pair including grant, €1998 without grant. 

bonavox connection features smart technology to connect to devices including Apple and Android.

Discreet, available in a wide range of colours and fittings and with full compatibility with WIDEX DEX accessories, bonavox connection will suit those wanting enhanced connectivity.

bonavox 220 priced at €1,598 per pair with grant, €2,598 without grant.

The bonavox 220 cleverly adapts to any listening situation you are in. Lead an active lifestyle? Designed to suit those who need to hear well in noisy situations and automatically adapts to your listening environment in three different sound situations. 

Featuring advanced level technology, comfort and natural sound is delivered in quiet and noise. Soft sounds and speech are heard more clearly. Compatible with WIDEX DEX accessories. 

bonavox 440 priced at €1,998 with grant, €2,998 without grant.

The bonavox 440 is a premium hearing aid that manages sound in the most challenging situations. Whilst maintaining a rich, natural sound quality, it can cope with difficult sound environments and automatically adapts to listening environments in up to nine situations.

The bonavox 440 offers comfort, clarity and natural sound in quiet, noisy and outdoor situations. Music can be heard in crisp and clear details. Soft sounds and speech are heard clearly. Compatible with WIDEX DEX accessories.

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Full range of customisable hearing aids

Whether you are watching TV, enjoying exercise, in the good company of friends and family or on an adventure packed holiday, with bonavox you will experience the best speech recognition, sound capture and wind tolerance in a hearing aid. Soft speech sounds can be heard, while bothersome soft noises are reduced. 

To develop the bonavox range, we sailed the world's oceans and travelled to the polar ice caps to stop wind noise affecting the quality of speech in our hearing aids.

Whether you're relaxing at home, focusing at work, travelling, dining or thrill seeking, bonavox cleverly and quickly adapts automatically to any listening situation you find yourself in, no matter how complex.

Get in touch with us for a free two-week trial of bonavox hearing aids (with no obligation to buy) and discover the bonavox way to better hearing once again.

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