Introducing Stiline.

Your lifestyle is active, your personal style is individual - perfect for a new design in hearing. With the new Stiline, you can easily enjoy the benefits of assisted hearing with a lightweight and contemporary device

A new design of hearing

This hearable can do more - Never before did form and function package do seamlessly and look so good in a hearing aid. Thanks to a sleeker battery, advanced high-tech features and compatibility along with connectivity and innovative portable charging. Available as Stiline and Stiline BT.

 Tech LevelPrice per Pairwith Grant*

*If eligible, the Department of Social Protection Treatment Benefit Scheme pays half the cost of your hearing aids, up to a maximum of €500 for a single hearing aid and €1,000 for a pair.

More than just a way of hearing
Thanks to Stiline's G5 technology, you can enjoy its multiple audiological benefits, such as Direct Audio Streaming which allows you to stream TV sound, videos and music from smartphones. Another special feature is Occlumatic, that makes your own voice sound more pleasant to your ear. 

G5 technology - Our new technology that permits your hearing system to adapt to your surroundings automatically.

Occlumatic - Your hearing aid learns and stores your voice pattern to perceive your own voice as natural and pleasant.

Smart and individual

We know that having a hearing aid that's discreet is one of the most important things to you - so why not have the ability to control your hearing aid from your smartphone? With the Stiline and Stiline BT, you're able to control any adjustments to new environments via your smartphone and the Smart Direct technology.

Smart Direct app - once installed on your smartphone, the Smart Direct app allows you to use your phone as a remote control for your hearing aid. You can make adjustments, phone calls and even listen to music.  

Smart Mic - Lets you stream audio from any Android smartphone.
Made for those on-the-go

Featuring an ultra-convenient wireless charging system and advanced lithium-ion technology, this dicreet innovative helper impresses with its sleek and compact design.

  • Up to 4 days of hearing without an extra power supply
  • Up to 19-hour wear time on a single full charge
  • 30-minute fast charge delivers 5 hours of wear time
  • Charging case recharges fully in just 3 hours


We invented it just for you

With a wealth of options to choose from, including model and colour, you can mix and match different features, technical configurations and colours to find the ideal Stiline system to fit your hearing needs.