Introducing the quiX hearing system by bonavox audio service. 

Everyone's hearing is different. Together with your hearing system specialist, you can select the hearing solution to suit your personal needs.

Your personal hearing solution
If you want to enjoy good hearing again and to lead an active life, the discreet hearing system by quiX from audio service provide reliable reliable support in every situation. They offer the ideal basis for secure, confident and lasting enjoyment of the world of hearing.  Audio Service hearing systems allow you to realise your own personal hearing solution that precisely meets your needs. 
 Tech LevelPrice per Pairwith Grant*

*If eligible, the Department of Social Protection Treatment Benefit Scheme pays half the cost of your hearing aids, up to a maximum of €500 for a single hearing aid and €1,000 for a pair.

The alternative to the RIC hearing system
quiX hearing systems are worn directly in the auditory canal and are thus virtually invisible. The small housing with a replaceable standard ear mold offers enormous flexibility and allows the hearing system to be tries out immediately. Because of their position in the ear, the hearing systems ultilise the natural function of the concha, which has a decisive influence on the acoustic quality familiar to everyone. It picks up sound coming from all directions, amplifies and combines it, ans passes it on to the eardrum. 

For a perfect fit, you may choose from between three different standard ear molds which are available in various sizes and designs: 

  • Click Dome
  • quiX Mold
  • Click Sleeve
Design types
The small housing of the quiX hearing system contains all of the technology. quiX hearing systems are available in four graded design types – from basic hearing systems to innovative state-of-the-art technology. Various product features are bundled in each design type. All quiX models are easy to wear, as they either automatically adapt to your particular hearing situation or can be adjusted manually. A variety of remote controls and smartphone apps are available for this purpose. Special filters developed by Audio Service protect the delicate microphones and loudspeakers, keeping the sensitive technology inside the hearing systems clean.
Innovative technology
The technical features of the quiX hearing systems offer a variety of options for adapting them to your individual lifestyle.The hearing systems are adjusted to suit your individual hearing loss. In doing so, low sounds are generally amplified differently to high-pitched sounds. Loud and soft sounds are also often processed differently. Only in this way does the sound meet your individual needs and is pleasant and natural.In addition, background noises are effectively suppressed.This ensures carefree listening comfort. The latest technology generation G4 additionally offers new programs which further optimize speech highlighting and also take into account the special requirements when listening to music nd hearing in echoing rooms.
Selection of models
The range of models and the sophisticated technology behind our hearing systems offer all the necessary prerequisites for good hearing. The power model Volta quiX PC offers you significant amplification as well as a push button for easy manual operation. Your hearing system specialist is ideally qualified to advise you on the selection and fitting process.
Wide range of accessories
The quiX hearing systems of the latest G4 technology have wireless functionality. This enables you to link your hearing systems to various audio devices and mobile terminals using the multi-functional Smart Connect remote control.Audio signals with excellent speech and sound quality are transmitted directly to your hearing systems, fully wireless and in top stereo quality.For convenient operation of the quiX hearing systems,there is a variety of remote controls to optionally choose from. With these remote controls, hearing programs and volume can be set with ease, also via the app with your smartphone.