Introducing the Mood Li-Ion G5.

People want freedom. Including the freedom to connect with the world anytime, anywhere. Now, the time has come to welcome the Mood Li-Ion G5 to help you do just that. 

The Mood Li-Ion G5 connects wirelessly to smartphone, TV, or HIFI device. No more tedious battery changes, because the lithium-ion battery provides lasting power. With the new G5 technology, The Mood Li-Ion G5 adapts to every hearing situation, every person in the conversation and your own voice. And it just keeps going – thanks to the powerful lithium-ion battery.

 Tech LevelPrice per Pairwith Grant*

*If eligible, the Department of Social Protection Treatment Benefit Scheme pays half the cost of your hearing aids, up to a maximum of €500 for a single hearing aid and €1,000 for a pair.

As smart and as individual as you

Smart Li-Ion Power – As soon as the hearing system with lithium-ion battery is placed in the charging station, the process starts. The hearing system is dried in the process.

Smart Mic – The Smart Mic enables audio streaming from any Android smartphone.

Smart Direct App – Once installed on your smartphone, the Smart Direct app becomes a remote control for your hearing systems – allowing you to directly transmit phone calls or streamed music.

State-of-the-art sound control
Good communication is key! 

The Mood Li-Ion G5 intelligently adapts to every hearing situation. It activates the all-around perception feature or focuses on your main conversation partner, even in difficult conversational situations. In addition, the Mood Li-Ion G5 learns the tone of your own voice and ensures that your voice sounds as natural and pleasant as possible. 
Networking via Bluetooth
G5 technology turns your Mood Li-Ion G5 into wireless high-tech headphones: phone calls, music or GPS instructions are streamed directly from your iPhone to the hearing system, while Android supports the Smart Mic. The optional Smart Transmitter 2,4 simply connects your G5 hearing system to your TV of HiFi device with no additional accessories.
Modern lithium-ion technology
Your Mood Li-Ion G5 ensures brilliant sound quality with full streaming performance – for up to 19 hours! After a conveniently short inductive charging time of 30 minutes, the battery is ready for another 7 hours. A full charge takes 4 hours. This is also great for the environment because battery changes are completely eliminated.