Hear better - DAILY - with both ears. Take a free trial.

Remember when you could hear normally? You took it for granted that we needed both ears to hear properly.

It makes sense, therefore, that you wear two hearing aids. Even if you think you hear well enough in one ear.

A pair of Widex DAILY 100 cost €1,995 - making them affordable - especially with the Hearing Aid Grant.

You can also programme them to your own circumstances. Examples of what optional extras can deliver is shown opposite. 

All features can be demonstrated before your free trial. Then you put them through their paces for two weeks.

If you feel you do not need these refinements, consider the DAILY 50.

At just €895 for two they are arguably the best value available for this level of performance.

(You can DOWNLOAD a free catalogue here.)

The DAILY 100 hearing aid - compatible with Widex DEX

Bonavox introduce a quality hearing solution at a price you can afford.

Not only does DAILY perform like a much more expensive model, it is discreet, available in a wide range of colours and fittings, and can be used with the Widex DEX system.

(This is the brand name for a range of accessories you can add on for a more versatile hearing solution. But only if you want to.)

The TV DEX is just one feature. It sends TV sound direct to your hearing aids. Even with the sound off.

With the DAILY 100, further technology is available for mobile phones and other sound devices.

It also accepts the Zen tinnitus programme for helping you cope if you suffer badly. Let us call you.

DAILY 100 can help alleviate the symptoms as well as enhancing your lifestyle generally. A consultation costs you nothing.

Call for a free demonstration - at our place - or yours! 

DAILY can restore your hearing in the situations you need it most - unlike hearing solutions with limited features, 

The start is the free consultation with our local Bonavox hearing specialist. Even in your own home.

This does not mean you have to buy, even if you are delighted with DAILY.

Request a personal assessment today, after which you can take a free trial. If you wish.

People are choosing a tree trial to prove that hearing aids and DAILY open up the new world of better hearing.

If you don't feel ready to buy - for whatever reason - simply return them after two weeks.

If you still have unanswered questions give us a call, or email us.

Or call us to talk to a specialists at no charge.