Generous trade-ins

Find out whether you are entitled to a trade in on existing hearing aids. Ask Bonavox about our generous part-exchange deals

Call 1800 480 480 for a quote

Why not part-exchange existing hearing aids?

Here's how:

  • Give us a call with brief details of what you are wearing at the moment, or
  • perhaps they no longer work - and remain unused in a drawer at home

  • The number is 1800 480 480 - or simply contact us online (below)
  • We book you into a local branch to see our hearing aid audiologist

  • It costs nothing - will be at a time to suit you - just remember to bring the unwanted hearing aids!

  • We recommend a new pair to suit your hearing, and your budget
  • We then provide a trade-in value on your old system to set against the new ones

  • There is no obligation to accept, or to buy new ones. It's your choice. Totally.

Arrange a free demonstration of the new DAILY hearing aid

Bonavox (and bloom in England) have exclusivity among all national hearing aid companies...

  • DAILY "punches above its weight" - taking affordable hearing aids to a new level

  • DAILY 100 embraces all the wifi capabilities through the Widex DEX range

  • Feedback from our dispensers applauds the quality - which used to command a much higher price a few years ago

  • Key features highlight its versatility and suitability to a broad range of sound environments

Book a two-week trial - with absolutely no obligation to buy... we want as many people as possible to experience DAILY - and spread the word!